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      Selling various crusher destemmers, enolmatic bottle fillers, corkers, buon vino superjet filters, speidel bladder presses, a huge amount of lab glass, hydrometers
      Refractometers, carboys, acid test kits, malolactic test kits, air locks, bungs as well as various variable capacity tanks. This is just a small list of items for sale.
      Pillan N1, all stainless motorized crusher destemmer. Stainless auger and destemming grate. $1,000
      Omac manual crusher destemmer, stainless hopper and destemmer grate, painted body, $575
      Grifo manual crusher destemmer, stainless destemmer grate, painted body and hopper. $475
      Enolmatic bottle filler, 4 a available, $250-$295
      Floor corkers, manual, $40-$80. 12 available.
      Buon vino superjet filters, $225-$295. 4 available.
      40 liter speidel bladder presses. $750. 2 available.
      5 gallon carboys. $20 each. 20 available.
      6 gallon carboys. $30 each . 8 available.
      Lots of bungs, airlocks, and all those odds and ends you need. Just let me know what you need.
      Current variable volume tanks.
      100 liter Marchisio flat bottom vct. Qty of 2.
      200 liter Marchisio flat bottom vct. Tall. Qty of 8.
      300 liter Marchisio flat bottom vct. Qty of 2.
      500 liter Marchisio, sloped bottom, on welded legs. Qty. of 1.
      220 liter Speidel, sloped bottom, on welded legs. Qty of 1.
      Also have 4 Marchisio vct tanks without lids. Great as fermenters or transfer containers.

      Unless otherwise noted, all vct tanks have lids, air locks, gaskets, spigots and pumps.

      Email for prices on the tanks.

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